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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleUsing Snowflake Schema and Bitmap Index for Big Data Warehouse Volume
Index TermDatabases
AbstractDesigning a data warehouse is the most important action done by the designer; it is a risk study of its performance as per it’s criticity while going to production.

It Is known that hardware has developed in term of memory volume and speed, storage… but to minimize the execution time and the storage space still being the main objective for data warehousing specialists.

This paper shows the advantage of using bitmap index and partitioned fact tables in big data warehouses volumes based on a snowflake schema based on compression.
KeywordsData Warehouse, DBMS, Indexes, Business Intelligence
No. of Pages3
Author NamesMohammed Benjelloun, Mohamed El Merouani, El Amin A. Abdelouarit
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