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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleA Fuzzy Interpolation Approach of Prediction using Market Basket Analysis Algorithm in Weka Tool
Index TermAlgorithms
AbstractThe advance deployment of I.T. has bring about a great innovation .technologies have been innovated at exponential rate and subsequently the bulk amount of data and information have been processed at high rate. There is a great need to manage those bulky data in more efficient manner in order to reach at some conclusion or making the data meaningful. In field of business, technologies and science many methodologies have been proposed and many numerical methods conventionally developed for implementing association rules however they were very useful for client in context of prediction and classifications.

Our proposed work altered a conventional calculation for adding supermarket information utilizing fuzzy information with association of fuzzy association rules. The contemplated approach will handle and manipulate the data in more efficient manner in order to reduce complexity and improve the dynamic approach of data dredging activities.

The proposed work focuses on time series information which is a bulk and dynamic information with some pattern and connoted information associated with that .It might be super market information’s, climate predication information and other fuzzy information. so basically our work is primarily based on prediction how bulk of interrelated information and provide a proposed solution for précising super market information manipulations. In order to implement the proposed work we have made a data base having supermarket store information and with the assistance of conventional apriori algorithm approach with the applications of fuzzy methods. We have extended the conventional approach of association rules in order to depict the data more accurately comparatively. The proposed work basically proposed for dynamic and bulky data with some assumptions in order to reach at explicit results.
KeywordsWEKA, Fuzzy, fuzzy association rule, Information Technology.
No. of Pages6
Author NamesReshma Badhala, Subhash Chandra Jat
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