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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleEfficient API Migration across Environments
Index TermInformation Sciences
AbstractDevelopment organization maintain separate environments for development, quality assurance and production etc. These environments execute independently and have their deployments, and own methods of traffics controlling that are handled locally. Under such a process Application programming interface (API) artifacts allowed to be created only at development environment, tested in QA (Quality Assurance) environment and then would promote to the production environment prior releasing to the market. When moving API management products from one environment to another, all the created APIs need to migrate across different environments to test the exact functionality and behavior of the application. Purpose of this implemented tool is to minimize the effort and time in recreating APIs and facilitate the accurate and efficient migration across different environments without any major post migration changes and additional effort. Most of the API managing products as well as API publishers engaging with API imports and exports of APIs will be the beneficiary parties of this product. Firm analysis of the current migration techniques uses by trending API Management products reveled major sieve point that needed to be address.

Final tool will be an executable file which can be plug and play via the command line interface. This tool can be used by any REST (Representational state transfer) based API managing applications without major configuration changes. Other than import and export functionality, tool equipped with built-in authentication mechanism to ensure the security of the publisher proprietary of the APIs, API subscription and single cluster deployment via minikube and Google cloud
KeywordsAPI migration, CLI tool, minikube, kubernetes
No. of Pages13
Author NamesJ. A. D. C. A. Jayakody, A. K. A. Perera, G. L. A. K. N. Perera, V. P. Wijayaweera, M. A. M. Asbar Ali
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