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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleSmart Home Delivery E-Shopping cart to Facilitate Disable Individuals
Index TermInformation Systems
AbstractIn the light of providing a solution for the elderly and differently abled to obtain smart home delivery of essential household commodities, a brand new mobile application named "E-shopper" is introduced. In the present day context, the rapid escalation of the cost of living has become a very crucial factor and a challenge for every person. Thus, the authors decided to build a cross-platform mobile application to facilitate their needs and wants effectively and efficiently. In the system, the application decides the best supermarket to buy the specific item list provided by the customer by displaying automated customized preferences by analyzing the least total cost for the list of products. The application will show the nearest branch of the particular supermarket for the customer’s location by using outdoor navigation. Moreover, a delivery method will also be provided by the application to make it more convinient for the customer. Since the increase in elderly and differently abled population becoming a crucial factor in the world; the authors decided to use voice method parallel to the normal mode (for regular customers) in the application. Three parties will involve in the e-system such as regular or differently abled clients, administrators and finally those who deliver. On the other hand, the delivery services will benefit through this system and their delivering companies will also be marketed. Therefore, this system introduces a brand new shopping concept for the customers in addition to the golden opportunity that other parties included in this system will have in boosting their revenue.
KeywordsSmart Home Delivery; Voice Recognition; Automated Preferences; Database Optimization and Clustering; Delivery Scheduling
No. of Pages8
Author NamesJ. A. D. C. A. Jayakody, P. D. Kudagamage, H. A. W. P. Madushanka, S. S. Pathirana, H. B. D. N. Dushanthi
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