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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleOnline Food Ordering System
Index TermInformation Systems
AbstractOur proposed system is an online food ordering system that enables ease for the customers. It overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional queueing system. Our proposed system is a medium to order online food hassle free from restaurants as well as mess service. This system improves the method of taking the order from customer. The online food ordering system sets up a food menu online and customers can easily place the order as per their wish. Also with a food menu, customers can easily track the orders. This system also provides a feedback system in which user can rate the food items. Also, the proposed system can recommend hotels, food, based on the ratings given by the user, the hotel staff will be informed for the improvements along with the quality. The payment can be made online or pay-on-delivery system. For more secured ordering separate accounts are maintained for each user by providing them an ID and a password.
KeywordsAutomated Food Ordering System, Dynamic Database Management, Internet of Things, Smart Phone
No. of Pages3
Author NamesAdithya R., Abhishek Singh, Salma Pathan, Vaishnav Kanade
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