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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleTechnical Advances in Precision Farming
Index TermArtificial Intelligence
AbstractIn the agriculture field, use of perfect method of irrigation is important as well as it is known by everyone that irrigation by drip method is very economical and efficient as well as widely acceptable. Agriculture plays vital role in the development of agricultural country. The newly come up wireless sensor network (WSN) technology has spreading rapidly into distinct fields. Agriculture and farming is one of the management which have freshly switch their consideration to WSN, searching this cost adequate technology to improve its production and boost agriculture yield standard. The scope of this paper is to design and develop an agricultural monitoring system using wireless sensor network and IoT to expand the productivity and quality of farming without penetrating it for all the time manually. Temperature, humidity and water levels are the most important factors for the productivity, growth, and quality of plants in agriculture. The temperature, humidity and water level sensors are deployed to gather the temperature and humidity values. One of the most stimulating fields having an exotic need of Decision Support System (DSS) is Precision Agriculture (PA). Through sensor networks, agriculture can be connected to the IoT, with the help of this approach which provides real-time information about the lands and crops that will help farmers make right decisions. The primary influence is implementation of WSN in Precision Agriculture (PA) with the help of IoT which will enhance the usage of water, fertilizers while expand the yield of the crops and also notifications are sent to farmers mobile periodically. The farmers can able to monitor the field conditions from anywhere.
KeywordsInternet of Things (IoT), Wireless sensor Network (WSN), Precision Agriculture (PA), Decision Support System (DSS), Smart Device, Automation.
No. of Pages3
Author NamesRamkrishna Vadali, Swati Sakhare, Jayshri Patil, Sonali Nale
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