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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleEvaluation of Structural Ontology Alignment Techniques
Index TermInformation Sciences
AbstractSpecialists in the field of software engineering and particularly Ontology Engineers have proposed and executed different matching strategies to connect the semantic crevice between heterogeneous Ontologies. In any case, more change and examination is required in these strategies with a specific end goal to accomplish better recall & precision for the alignment sets. This thesis presents alignment of structural Ontologies which utilizes matcher to guide entities of two unique Ontologies. Falcon AO, RiMOM and few other matchers are utilized for comparing structural similarity among entities in mapping procedure. The results obtained are assessed for recall & precision and also compared with the given reference Ontologies. The result shows that RiMOM and LILY lead the list in alignment precision, but if Recall is considered then ASMOV is leading the list of matchers considered.
KeywordsEvaluation; Alignment; Ontology; Structural Alignment
No. of Pages5
Author NamesNouman Khan, Sadaqat Jan, M. Sohail Nisar
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