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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleGeneralization of the Distributed Database with Specialization and Correctarisation on specific Query
Index TermInformation Sciences
AbstractAs the technology in the field of Computer Science evolved it facilitates the availability of information easily. To get any information, from heterogeneous or homogeneous databases, Distributed over different sites, through any authorised channel is now the matter of few key strokes and in few seconds information desired is before end user. But in this scenario it is seen that many other parts of the information made available to end user is not needed to him. This also generates traffic over the network. The user needed to do further analysis, on the retrieved information, to get some fruitful result that they actually needed. The work presented in this paper deals with this aspect of the information, in the form of datasets, provided to user. Now it is required to put that information in such a way that a Generalised representation of the information / dataset, with only required attributes, has been provide to the end user, which is worthy for him. The extraction & presentation of Generalised dataset followed by Specialisation and Correctarisation of datasets, saves the time of end user and space as well.
KeywordsGenaralisation, Correctarisation, Specialisation, Distributed Dataset
No. of Pages7
Author NamesNeelendra Badal, Ajay Kumar Trivedi
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