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JournalInternational Journal of Computer Applications
TitleSmart Health Care System-An Easy First Aid Solution
Index TermInformation Systems
AbstractFirst Aid matters a lot in emergency situations which may even decide between life and death. Utilizing modern technology to encourage use of the First aid at vital situations is the area of interest of this Smart Health Care System. Numerous accidental and injurious death have occurred in the past which could have been avoided by giving emergency first Aid treatments. Lack of first aid knowledge, unavailability of first aid medication, passing responsibilities into next hands and ultimately ending up with no eligible first aider taking responsibility have been identified as the main reasons for failed emergency cases without First Aid. Currently there are first aid teams which provide first-aid services. Waiting till the expertise to arrive to the spot worsens the situation. Smart Health Care System (SHCS) (Easy First Aid Solution) is a perfect medicine vending mechanism which has been designed to cope with the above issues. SHCS mainly consist of a kiosk network which act as an interactive first aid vender which dispense suitable medication according to the emergency situation. These Kiosks also provides assistance to do first aid treatment by giving effective instruction. Hence, Smart Health Care Kiosk act as both vending purpose kiosk and information kiosk. This combined idea gives uniqueness to SHCS. Furthermore SHCS mobile Application has been developed to give online ordering facility by which just entering unique code will be enough to make purchase. Time spent at kiosk has been planned to be reduced with this feature. This app also displays nearby kiosk with available medication. This increase the efficiency of the system. Central administration has been implemented to maintain reliable control over kiosk network. Overall functionalities in SHC System harnesses efficiency of providing first-aid and ultimately benefits success rate of medical emergency cases.
KeywordsFirst- Aid, KIOSK network, Website, Android Application, Embedded System
No. of Pages6
Author NamesV. Vijayashangavi, M. M. A. Ibrahim, U. M. Azaad, F. M. U. Farook, S. G. S. Fernando
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